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For quite a while now I wanted to get a website going to do a few things. Number one: have a place to host my portfolio. Nowadays, every artist has got to have a website. Two: I needed a place to let the world know about my services: Graphic Design, Painting Murals, CD/Music related Design, Logo Design, and Web Design. And three: I wanted to create a place where I could have an online voice. I have a lot of hobbies and interests, and I like to share info I attain with others (and provide a laugh from time to time if possible), thus the blog.

About Me:
My name is Greg Warns and I'm a Chico State graduate with a BA degree in Art: Studio with an emphasis on computer graphics.
How did I get there? I guess it's because I've been drawing ever since I can remember. My favorite medium to this day is still old school pencil/pen and paper. I guess since I've been doing that the longest it's the most comfortable. Anyway, growing up in Southern California, it wasn't long before skateboarding entered my life...and with that came a love for punk rock. A lot of my drawing style was heavily influenced by skate and punk images and culture. Soon after falling in love with skateboarding, I was introduced to the wonderful world of graffiti. Although I know many people have a huge distaste for the artform, I can say that I think graffiti changed my life for the better. Although skateboarding was another positive path I chose, making money with skateboarding is obviously a difficult endeavor. Graffiti on the other hand, really made me take notice how serious I was about producing artwork. And after graduating High School and heading straight for the 'real world' of work, I realized that maybe college was a better idea. That was one of my best decisions to date. And Chico State provided me with a cool town to go to school in and also the natural environment that I had always loved visiting as a kid. Basically, you can take a short trip in almost any direction out of Chico and be in a forest, at a river, or a stream.
Music has always been a very important thing to me as well. From being in a band in the early 90's (Minors Disease), to making beats and DJing in college. Today I'm still very much into music, mostly independent hip-hop and reggae, but my music collection covers a very large spectrum. To me, music should deliver a message, and if the message isn't a possitive one, I'm probably not interested.
So that's a little about me. Check out my portfolio and blog to get some visual stimulation and maybe a better idea of who I am...

I asked my brother to write a little bio/intro for my site.

Here's what he sent me.


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